First Squadron of the Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force (AN & MEF).

14th September 1914 - Rear-Admiral Commanding telegraphed direct to Admiralty that noon position on the 14th at Simpsonhafen was:-
HMAS Australia -  Battle Cruiser
HMAS Encounter - Light Cruiser
HMAS Melbourne - Light Cruiser
HMAS Sydney - Light Cruiser
HMAS Warrego - HMAS Parramatta - HMAS Yarra - Torpedo Boat Destroyers
HMAS Protector - Submarine Parent Ship
AE1 & AE2 - Submarines
'Murex' & 'Whangape' - Oil & Fuel Ships
'Grantala' - Hospital Ship, arrived noon on the 13th
and three colliers


At 0345 hours, Colonel Watson requests 'Encounter' shell positions in the Gire Gire Plantation area. Enemy also along Vunatora - Matamatar Road. 'Encounter' shells the area mentioned at 0600 using 6 inch naval guns.

The British Flag was hoisted in 'Proclamation Square' Rabaul, at 1500 hours, 13th September 1914. All present saluted the Flag and the Proclamation concerning Occupation read.

The capture of Niu Pommern - New Britain - by the combined forces, Naval and Infantry, was effectively completed shortly after 1800 hours, Saturday, 12th September 1914.

The German Garrison was non-existent and the Australians occupied the settlement without opposition. Enemy flags were de-masted and flags in the government offices were handed down.


1879 German Chart of the North Coast of New Britain and the Duke of York Islands

On the original chart some place names are underlined in red pencil - these are German interests. Viz.; Matava Island (Massava Bay) - Weber Hafen (Kambeira Bay) - Kabakudai (Kabakunda Mission) - Nougai (Nonga Hospital) - Henderson Island (Matupit / Tavuvur) [Matupit Island] - Makada Island - Hunter Harbour (Balanawang Harbour) - Meoko Island (Mioko Island)

Admiralty Chart No 3353 - 25th January 1909