The wartime letters of Alec B. Doyle

1. Alec B. Doyle later became an Australian Navy Admiral. The subject of his 'bete noire' in this letter are the Royal Navy personnel. When he refers to 'they', I can only assume he is referring to "Flag" - Vice Admiral Patey.

2. When he says 'we have strong reason to suppose', I can't help but wonder on what basis Doyle makes this statement.This is only the second reference to enemy involvement that I have located to date by a reputable source, the first being in Aubrey Hodgson's notes of the period.

3. On the day this letter is dated, HMAS Warrego discovered the 'KOLONIA" up on a reef near the Bainings, and it would have been interesting to hear his comments on this.

4. 'snubbing any junior who dares to offer a suggestion.' - is a reference I believe to the apparent disinterest of Lieutenant-Commander BESANT on AE1 to answer signals on the 14th, between him and Parramatta.