As day broke on Tuesday , 15th September 1914, the larger vessels of the squadron began to take part in the search for AE1 as well. Previously mentioned is the 'Yarra' which ran aground in the north-west passage into Mioko Harbour.

She had steamed into Mioko from the main eastern entrance searching for clues. She signalled flag " ...... check this", and limped back to Rabaul Harbour to await repairs.

HMAS Parramatta began searching some of the area that she had been through the previous day, but concentrated on an area much further north, (see map). One would have assumed she would have searched the area where she last sighted AE1.

Search of the area where AE1 was last sighted was left to the more experienced HMS Encounter - Light Cruiser, and second-in-charge, who was in a position just north of Berard Point at 0900. Encounter took over from HMAS Australia and acted as Flag at around midday, as Rear-Admiral Patey was to escort troops to Fiji.

During the evening of 15th September, the HMAS Sydney sailed on a previously assigned mission down the west coast of New Britain. She was asked to keep a lookout for enemy shipping. On her return she made more careful searches of the likely harbours along the west coast, and returned to Rabaul. She had not sighted the Kolonial Gessellschaft making her way from Madang.

Modern Chart - depth in Meters